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The Benefits of Using a Grid in Your Kitchen Sink

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By: Ann Kent 

Stainless steel will last an incredibly long time. In fact, I have a stainless steel sink in my farmhouse in Vermont, and it may well be 50 years old. However, with everyday wear and tear, a stainless steel sink will not look as brilliant as when you first install it without proper maintenance and care. Stainless steel will scratch with constant use, and, unfortunately, the better quality and shinier a sink may be, may adversely affect the way in which the scratches...

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Seal Your Stone Countertops for Optimal Performance

By: Marissa Sese

Once you make the investment into new stone countertops, it’s important to properly care for your granite, marble, or other stone countertop. Granite should be sealed at a minimum of 1 time a year, but a more porous stone like marble should be sealed more frequently. While this may sound like a daunting task, it is really not all that complicated and can be easily incorporated into your task lists.

During installation, the professional installers should properly seal your countertops using a quality sealant. It should be an oil-based product that will resist moisture. Pay extra attention...

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Caring for Stainless Steel Sinks: 6 Best Practices

Stainless steel sinks are everywhere, but are you giving yours the proper TLC?

By Tina Jepson


Stainless steel sinks are found in most modern kitchens and commercial facilities throughout the country. They’re durable, made-to-last, widely available, and affordable compared to other sink materials like porcelain and copper. Since stainless steel is resistant to both hot and cold, it’s truly a great medium for a kitchen sink.

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If you’re thinking about purchasing a stainless-steel sink to go with your natural stone countertops or...

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Natural Stone vs. Engineered Stone: Pros & Cons of Each

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When deciding between natural and engineered stone countertops, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences and needs. If you consider all the factors outlined here, the decision should become less difficult.

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How to Care for Your Stone Countertops

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By Jamie Goodwin

Granite, marble, slate, and soapstone are some of the common stone countertops that people have in their homes. These countertops are the perfect update to any kitchen or bathroom. They look great, and they’re durable as long as you properly care for them. To care for your stone countertops, follow these five tips to ensure that they look great and last a long time.

1. Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Stone countertops soak up liquids, especially when the liquids are left on the counter for an extended period of time. Water may darken the countertop,...

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