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Safety First! Types of Safety Equipment Stone Fabricators and Installers Use

AGM Cleaner and sealer countertops installing natural stone safety first tips and ideas

By: Anne Kent

Stone Fabricators place a great stress on the importance of safety when preparing the slabs, allowing customers to visit the slab yards, cutting the slabs to specifications, and transporting the slabs for installation. The sheer weight of natural stone is tremendous, and for that reason, quality professionals will need strong helmets or hard hats, and boots. Similarly, dust masks, safety goggles, and sturdy gloves are essential for a safe work environment.


Safety remains a priority from the start to the finish of an installation project. When...

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Double Basin or Single Basin?

di-monte double bowl sink Fantasy Brown Quartzite kitchen design kitchen ideas Marble.com single bowl sink

By: Ann Kent 


There are so many factors to consider when selecting a sink for your home. Undermount or overmount, porcelain or stainless, faucet styles and more, but one factor that many may fail to consider is the actual type of sink: double bowl versus single bowl. 

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Best Marble and Granite Cleaner for your Countertops

AGM Marble and Granite Cleaner Benefits Best Sealer Countertop Tools Countertops Granite Cleaner Granite Sealer Home life Kitchen kitchen tips and tricks Maintenance Marble Cleaner Marble sealer Sealing Stone Care Products Stone Sealer

By: Ann Kent
If your kitchen is nearly as busy as mine, you need a top-notch cleaner that can guarantee your kitchen countertops can handle the abuse of an active kitchen.
It’s important to avoid all citrus-based cleaners while cleaning your natural stone. They can damage the stone, so it is much better to use a product like Mr. Stone’s AGM granite and marble countertop cleaner. Please check out the video at the end of this article to see exactly how easy it is to clean your counters...

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The Benefits of Using a Grid in Your Kitchen Sink

Benefits Custom Grids Home life Kitchen Kitchen Help kitchen tips and tricks Maintenance Sink Grid Sinks

By: Ann Kent 

Stainless steel will last an incredibly long time. In fact, I have a stainless steel sink in my farmhouse in Vermont, and it may well be 50 years old. However, with everyday wear and tear, a stainless steel sink will not look as brilliant as when you first install it without proper maintenance and care. Stainless steel will scratch with constant use, and, unfortunately, the better quality and shinier a sink may be, may adversely affect the way in which the scratches...

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Seal Your Stone Countertops for Optimal Performance

By: Marissa Sese

Once you make the investment into new stone countertops, it’s important to properly care for your granite, marble, or other stone countertop. Granite should be sealed at a minimum of 1 time a year, but a more porous stone like marble should be sealed more frequently. While this may sound like a daunting task, it is really not all that complicated and can be easily incorporated into your task lists.

During installation, the professional installers should properly seal your countertops using a quality sealant. It should be an oil-based product that will resist moisture. Pay extra attention...

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