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Double Basin or Single Basin?

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By: Ann Kent 


There are so many factors to consider when selecting a sink for your home. Undermount or overmount, porcelain or stainless, faucet styles and more, but one factor that many may fail to consider is the actual type of sink: double bowl versus single bowl. 



A Single Bowl Sink set in Beautiful Fantasy Brown Quartzite Kitchen Countertop



It’s important to work only with a quality vendor that specializes in sinks because they will have the largest inventory including all options. Mr. Stone sells Di-monte sinks in both single and double bowl options, but the styles range considerably. The choice of a single or double basin sink will strongly influence the functionality and usability of your space, so you must consider your needs for each room.



Every element of your kitchen design will influence the functionality of your space including the type of sink. Many homeowners tend to prefer the double basin in kitchens because it provides one side for washing and one side for rinsing, but a smaller kitchen might necessitate a single basin sink. On the other hand, some homeowners actually prefer a larger sink because there is more room for washing big pots and pans. If you do not have a dishwasher, the double sink option would be best because you can wash in one side and dry in the other. You will need to consider your household’s habits and needs for washing before committing to a single or double sink.

If you decide to add a kitchen disposal, the double basin is definitely the best option. You can select from a 50/50 type arrangement to more of a 60/40 split up of space. I like one like this double basin sink that Mr. Stone sells because you can run the disposal into the smaller sink area. This is a more traditional style sink, but it might even shock you further to know that sinks can vary drastically in style. This ultra modern sink, seen above, is a popular choice at Mr. Stone and contrasts drastically with the feel of a farmhouse sink. You will need to get a sense of your kitchen style before selecting your sink.


Utility Rooms


The biggest thing to focus on regarding utility rooms is the depth of a sink. You want your utility room sink to be deep and durable. Ideally, we suggest stainless steel for the utility room or laundry room because it is easy to clean and resistant to scratching. A single basin sink is usually ideal for a utility room.


Bars and Prep Stations


If you have the luxury of a bar or a prep station, a single sink is the way to go. You will not want a double sink for these areas because they require too much space.


If you have any questions regarding selecting your sink, it’s best to call an expert to help talk you through your concerns.




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