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Elite Countertop Fabrication Equipment Online

Countertop Blades Countertop Tools Stone Care Products

If your company is or is aspiring to be an elite countertop fabrication shop, the quality and craftsmanship of your countertop fabrication equipment is vital to creating a high quality product. By building your company around esteemed countertop tools you’ll be able to create countertops, which will be superior to other fabrication shops that are using slow and inefficient techniques by hand. With the introduction of machine-based technology to the countertop fabrication market, groundbreaking innovations have be born. Saws, polishers, and routers have all been developed to introduce a new level of precision and efficiency to countertop creation. Mr. Stone...

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How To Do a Countertop Repair

Countertop Repair Kit Granite Chip Repair Marble Repair

Natural stone countertops like granite and marble are impressively strong materials, however this unfortunately does not mean that they are impervious to chipping. Heavy pots and pans tossed around the kitchen can bang against, and subsequently knock off, a small part of the kitchen countertop surrounding your farm sink. This is not only disappointing but will diminish the beauty of the countertops. However, as long as the chip isn’t grandiose you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a granite or marble repair. The countertop repair kit available at Mr. Stone is perfect for handling these damages. It will restore your kitchen counters...

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Building a Better Bathroom

Design Stone Care Products Stone Sealer

Looking into your bathroom, you exalt a tremendous sigh. Your design is outdated and in a dire need of an update. An expertly remodeled bathroom will provide years of pleasure and comfort. However, you’ll be reminded of a poorly executed remodel everyday if it’s not done right. So let’s roll up our sleeves and talk about how to build a bathroom that will both stand the test of time and look great.

Create a Budget

It’s difficult to do...

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How to Prepare Your Countertops to Last a Lifetime

Countertop Repair Kit Granite Sealer Marble Cleaner Stone Care Products

Natural stone countertops are unique works of art that are found in the mountains across the globe. After they are quarried, fabricated with razor sharp countertop blades, cleaned and ready for your home, stone care products are necessary to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Here are some items that are vital for the maintenance and longevity of your granite, limestone, onyx, gemstone, slate, quartzite or marble countertops.

Stone Sealer

 A stone sealer is the most important step of care to take for your countertops. A stone sealer provides a layer of protection for your countertop that...

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The Guide for Countertop Cleaners, Sealers & Repair Kits

Cleaning Maintenance Sealing Stains

There’s no refuting it. Natural stone countertops are beautiful, timeless and increase the value of any home. No home design is complete until the right countertops are found. Whether it’s granite, marble, quartzite or an exotic stone, like Onyx or Gemstone there are important maintenance steps to take to protect them from daily wear-and-tear.

Countertop Cleaner

Have you ever had a day without any spills or messes in the kitchen? Most likely the answer is, “no.”

It’s normal that kitchens see a significant...

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