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Best Marble and Granite Cleaner for your Countertops

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By: Ann Kent
If your kitchen is nearly as busy as mine, you need a top-notch cleaner that can guarantee your kitchen countertops can handle the abuse of an active kitchen.
It’s important to avoid all citrus-based cleaners while cleaning your natural stone. They can damage the stone, so it is much better to use a product like Mr. Stone’s AGM granite and marble countertop cleaner. Please check out the video at the end of this article to see exactly how easy it is to clean your counters with this product.  AGM granite and marble countertop cleaner available at contains a little bit of sealant in the spray so as you clean your countertops every day, you are also sealing them.
Sometimes I also clean using a natural mixture of water and soap. While the mixture is great, I know that I can trust the strong cleaning power of Mr. Stone’s AGM granite and marble countertop cleaner on the higher-traffic areas of the kitchen. Mr. Stone discounts your bulk order, and it’s worth stocking up.
Mr. Stone’s AGM granite and marble countertop cleaner also works so well on cleaning and sealing marble. Marble requires more maintenance than granite because it is softer meaning that marble is more likely to stain. Marble is composed up of calcium carbonate, so it will react to acids. If you spill any acid, like lemon juice or vinegar on a marble countertop, it will stain and leave a slight dull spot, aka an etch mark. While lemon juice and white vinegar can work so well on other areas of the house for cleaning, avoid it at all costs around your marble! If the thought of even the possibility of etching scares you, don’t fret; these etches can be rubbed out and your marble can look brand new again. But, some people actually grow fond of the character that the etching brings out in the marble.  
When you think that the stains are too tough for your cleaners, an expert can always save the day. They will use a chemical or poultice (a cleaning agent with a paste-like consistency) to restore your marble.
Marble and granite countertops are a major improvement to any kitchen and one that you will enjoy for years to come with the proper care.

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