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The Benefits of Using a Grid in Your Kitchen Sink

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By: Ann Kent 

Stainless steel will last an incredibly long time. In fact, I have a stainless steel sink in my farmhouse in Vermont, and it may well be 50 years old. However, with everyday wear and tear, a stainless steel sink will not look as brilliant as when you first install it without proper maintenance and care. Stainless steel will scratch with constant use, and, unfortunately, the better quality and shinier a sink may be, may adversely affect the way in which the scratches appear. Lower quality stainless steel sinks may not reveal the scratches as much as higher quality sinks because they tend to have a duller finish.

Stainless Steel Sink and grid

In a busy kitchen, your sink gets a lot of abuse, but by installing a grid, you will extend the life of your sink incredibly. Mr. Stone sells grids that fit your single sink or double sink and also offers variations in the double sink to accommodate for a smaller second sink. Most importantly, Mr. Stone offers custom grids for each sink, which ensures that you will get the most protection from your grid. The plastic bumpers prevent scratching on the bottom of the sink when your heavy pots and pans hit the surface. The grid itself is composed of high quality stainless steel so it will last a long time and protect your sink for years to come.



Not only will your sink grid protect your sink, but it will also serve as a nice absorber for the noise of pots and pans as you clean them. Even better, when you are cleaning pans or even draining pasta, you can be rest assured knowing that you are not sitting the bottom of your pan or strainer in sink filth and old food. Purchasing a sink grid is akin to sealing your countertops. It’s a slight cost that will increase the life period of your stainless steel. Overtime, it amounts to nearly nothing compared to the life of the stone or sink.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a dishwasher in your home, the grids can actually help you do dishes because you can sometimes stack dishes between the ridges of the grid to dry. Of course, this is always dependent on your dish size. They also can be great to dry out glasses after washing.



Adding a kitchen grid to your kitchen sink will extend the life of sink and keep your sink looking as brilliant as it does on the first day of installation.

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