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Seal Your Stone Countertops for Optimal Performance

By: Marissa Sese

Once you make the investment into new stone countertops, it’s important to properly care for your granite, marble, or other stone countertop. Granite should be sealed at a minimum of 1 time a year, but a more porous stone like marble should be sealed more frequently. While this may sound like a daunting task, it is really not all that complicated and can be easily incorporated into your task lists.

During installation, the professional installers should properly seal your countertops using a quality sealant. It should be an oil-based product that will resist moisture. Pay extra attention to the type of stone that you have because they make sealants specifically for resins that will not cloud up the stone like others might. Many stone providers give their stones a resin treatment at the factory to fill micro-fissures or other imperfections in the natural stone.

Counters need to be clean before starting to seal them. You can easily use this product to both clean and seal your marble or granite countertops and prevent having to do a separate sealing process throughout the year. You can also use warm water and soap to clean, but we do recommend the cleaning product more. High traffic areas should be scrubbed with extra attention as they do tend to get dirtier. If you use a high quality cleaner on your marble or granite countertops, you will have a surface that will last for many, many years. The investment of granite and marble countertops is one that will give you an incredible return on investment because of its durability and resiliency.

Marble will need to be sealed more often than granite. We recommend 2 times a year in a heavily used space. Engineered quartz, however, does not need sealing. Since the product is none porous.

Once you have taken the steps to seal and properly clean your granite or marble countertops, it’s important to keep the maintenance up. We must always remember that sealants make the countertops stain-resistant, not stain-proof. Inevitably, you will spill things and your kitchen countertops will get dirty, but you can tackle even the worst stains better with a countertop that was properly sealed and cleaned before the stain hit the counter.

Natural stones are excellent choices for the kitchen and worth a little extra attention as to how you will take care of them!


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