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Safety First! Types of Safety Equipment Stone Fabricators and Installers Use

AGM Cleaner and sealer countertops installing natural stone safety first tips and ideas

By: Anne Kent

Stone Fabricators place a great stress on the importance of safety when preparing the slabs, allowing customers to visit the slab yards, cutting the slabs to specifications, and transporting the slabs for installation. The sheer weight of natural stone is tremendous, and for that reason, quality professionals will need strong helmets or hard hats, and boots. Similarly, dust masks, safety goggles, and sturdy gloves are essential for a safe work environment.


Safety remains a priority from the start to the finish of an installation project. When a homeowner visits a slab yard, it’s encouraged to wear a hard hat or helmet. Hard hats or helmets are important in any type of factory setting or handling anything that can potentially hurt you if handled the wrong way. Similarly, it is not recommended to bring children to the slab yard because it is not a safe environment for children. Once a homeowner selects the slabs, the slab will be moved with a forklift and cut according to the measurements required for the project. The environment can be quite wet, so sturdy rain boots and waterproof clothing is essential.




When it comes time to transport the stone to a home, all safety measures will be taken into consideration. It is so heavy that anytime fabricators work with the stone, it is essential to use back support. We carry a support belt that offers support and comfort when lifting heavy-duty items like this. And sturdy gloves that allow for a strong grip on the stone slab is important to keep your hands safe.


When fabricators are cutting the stone to fit your design, it is crucial they wear dust masks and safety goggles so that the dust and debris from sanding and cutting isn’t inhaled. Our dust masks guarantee at least a 95% filtration efficiency. This masks covers your mouth and your nose for protection against poullutants.



Once marble and granite countertops are installed in a home and given the proper care and treatment, they can thrive in a kitchen or bathroom for many years. The inherent strength of both marble and granite allow it to be refinished and repaired time and time again and it can be restored to its original beauty. We always recommend cleaning your countertops with a quality cleaner like Mr Stone’s AGM Cleaner. This product contains a small amount of sealant, so every time you clean your stone, you are effectively sealing your marble or granite countertops.


Marble countertops require a bit more maintenance than granite countertops since it is a much softer stone and it is prone to etching and staining. For this reason, a professional should seal marble countertops 3-4 times a year. If you are a do-it-yourself type of homeowner, Mr. Stone sells a granite and marble repair kit that can be a great way to repair your countertops while spending a bit less than if you were to hire a professional. It’s a must to use rubber gloves and safety goggles when using this product because it is an irritant. Mr. Stone sells a variety of safety equipment that is essential for homeowners with stone countertops or anyone in the stone fabrication world.



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