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Cleaning Your Ceramics

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By: Kevin Fritz

Ceramics have been around for centuries, but that doesn’t mean your ceramic tile or sinks need to look like it. With regular maintenance using products specifically designed to clean ceramics and its close cousin, porcelain, your walls, floors and sinks will look as dazzling as day one.

Black Thunder Granite Vanity Top with a Ceramic Sink

To keep that ‘looks like new’ appearance and prevent damage to your ceramics, DuPont StoneTech at Mr.Stone carries a full line of cleansers offering homeowners peace of mind. And since you never have to wax or polish ceramics, the company’s gentle products are all you really need to keep your home looking its best.

Ceramic is omnipresent in today’s homes. You can find it in the kitchen as a backsplash, on walls above stoves and under your feet. In the bathroom, ceramics serve much the same purpose: wall tiles, backsplashes and floors, and of course sinks. Whether they are drop-in, mounted vessel or under mount, ceramic sinks are typically the go-to among homeowners seeking a sleek look in the bathroom with little maintenance. While you can choose a ceramic sink for the kitchen, the industry standard, by far, is stainless steel.

Virtually any room in your home can support the addition of ceramic tile on floors and walls—and color choices are vast. Plus, you don’t have to worry about rooms that draw in direct sunlight. Ceramics are fade proof and impervious to sun damage. And because they are fireproof, ceramic tile makes for excellent fireplace surrounds.

Cleaning is a Snap

What all these uses of ceramics have in common is they can easily be cleaned, whether you need to attack soap scum or mildew, or just keeping them fresh and clean.

In bathrooms, where most of your soap scum can be a challenge, DuPont StoneTech Professional Soap Scum Remover can be your best friend. This spray-on product cleans and shines with ease, removing stubborn soap scum, hard water stains and dirt without leaving a scratch behind. DuPont StoneTech Professional Soap Scum Remover is specifically formulated to be safe and effective on ceramics, as well as sealed natural stone and glass tile surfaces.

Where there’s water, there’s mold and mildew, or the potential thereof. It just comes with the territory. Fight back with DuPont StoneTech Professional Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, designed for ceramic and porcelain tile, and glass and natural stone. Use it to clean any tiled area including the sink, shower or kitchen backsplash.

For floors, the cleaning process depends on whether your tile is glazed or natural. Glazed ceramics tiles will contain more shine.

If your ceramic tiles are glazed, vacuum regularly. That removes grit that can scratch your floors. Then, mop with a dedicated tile cleaner. Dupont StoneTech Stone & Tile Cleaner concentrate is a fantastic, neutral pH daily cleaner. It’s formulated to be gentle and leave behind the shine you are looking for in your tile floor. Dupont StoneTech Stone & Tile Cleaner can be used for multiple cleaning tasks as well. Use it worry-free on ceramic and porcelain tile and grout, as well as marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate and sandstone.

Ceramic, Porcelain & Vitreous China?

Most of our bathroom sinks—and commodes for that matter—are porcelain (a ceramic) or vitreous china, which is a bit misleading since vitreous china is really a coating added to porcelain. Vitreous means ‘glass-like’ and refers to the shine we see on our bathroom basins and toilets.

As noted, porcelain is a ceramic. A ceramic is any natural material used to create an object through heating and cooling. Ceramics are either traditional or porcelain, the latter of which offers added durability and is more stain and water resistant.

No matter what you call your ceramics, you can count on Dupont StoneTech cleansers to retain the luster and beauty of your sinks, walls and floors for years to come.



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