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How To Do a Countertop Repair

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Natural stone countertops like granite and marble are impressively strong materials, however, this, unfortunately, does not mean that they are impervious to chipping. Heavy pots and pans tossed around the kitchen can bang against, and subsequently knock off, a small part of the kitchen countertop surrounding your farm sink. This is not only disappointing but will diminish the beauty of the countertops. However, as long as the chip isn’t grandiose you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a granite or marble repair. The countertop repair kit available at Mr. Stone is perfect for handling these damages. It will restore your kitchen counters back to their pristine state in just a matter of minutes!


Granite is a seriously strong material. Just to provide an idea of how strong it actually is, granite blades must be made from diamonds, one of the strongest materials in the world. But alas, despite its rugged nature, if a cast iron pan catches the edge of your granite countertop, near your farm sink, it may chip. Although the damage may seem serious, you do not have to contact a professional to handle the countertop chip repair. The granite repair kit that Mr. Stone provides can quickly fill the damaged area, restoring your countertop back to its original, beautiful state.

Our countertop repair kit is an easy and affordable way to fix your kitchen counter. The kit comes with a set of instructions that will walk you through each step. 

To begin your granite repair, remove all items near the chipped area. Wash down the granite using a professional cleaner and a dry cloth. Do not use countertops cleaners that are abrasive or contain bleach. Rinse off the countertop to thoroughly. Then take the gel epoxy that comes with the granite repair kit and fill in the chipped area with a few drops or until the area is filled. 

After applying the gel, spray the included hardener and wipe down the surrounding area. Once the surface is dry, take a razor blade, or a similar tool, and smooth out the section until it is level with the rest of the granite countertop. To truly ensure that your granite repair is level, take a piece of steel wool and buff out the area until it looks smooth and beautiful. Applying some granite polishers afterward will give your countertop an attractive shimmer.

Marble Repair Kit

The countertop repair kit that Mr. Stone offers also works wonderfully on marble countertops. Since marble is a slightly softer natural stone than granite it can be more inclined to chip from heavy use than granite is. Conducting a marble repair with our countertop repair kit is exactly the same as doing a granite repair. Your marble countertop will be back to normal in no time.

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