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How to Care for Your Stone Countertops

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By Jamie Goodwin

Granite, marble, slate, and soapstone are some of the common stone countertops that people have in their homes. These countertops are the perfect update to any kitchen or bathroom. They look great, and they’re durable as long as you properly care for them. To care for your stone countertops, follow these five tips to ensure that they look great and last a long time.

1. Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Stone countertops soak up liquids, especially when the liquids are left on the counter for an extended period of time. Water may darken the countertop, but colored liquids will stain them. To prevent this from happening, wipe up spills as soon as they happen. Also, use coasters underneath your cups.

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If you get stains on your countertop, remove it with a limestone poultice. Spread it on the counter, and leave it there for 48-72 hours before wiping it off.

2. Remove Debris

As you cook throughout the day, crumbs and debris end up on your countertops. Although stone countertops are strong, the debris can cause scratches and pitting over time.

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To prevent this, remove the debris as soon as possible, especially from high traffic areas. This includes around the sink and stovetop.

3. Clean and Disinfect the Surface

You shouldn’t use the same cleaners on your granite countertop as you do on your windows or toilet. For one thing, many of these cleaners are too abrasive. Stay away from products that contain bleach, ammonia, lemon, and similar chemicals.

Instead, try AGM Granite and Marble Countertop Cleaner. The product is gentle on stone countertops while still tough enough to remove grease and oil. It also contains a sealer to protect your counter from scratches.

Photo courtesy of Bucky LeFleur

Along with the cleaner, use a microfiber cloth rather than a sponge. You don’t want to take a chance of scratching the surface or removing the protective sealer on the top layer.

4. Protect the Counter

Sponges aren’t the only things that could harm your granite or marble countertop. Knives are known for causing problems. To prevent scratches or nicks, always use a cutting board. This will also protect your knives from getting dull.

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Heat can be another enemy of your stone countertops (unless it’s soapstone, which is heat-resistant). Don’t place hot items directly on the counters. Always have a mat, trivet, or coaster between hot items and the counter.

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5. Apply a Sealer

Applying a sealer is a great way to protect your countertops and fortify them against stains. AGM Granite and Marble Countertop Cleaner contains a sealer, so you can protect your countertop every time you use it to clean. If you use a different cleaner, you’ll need to add a separate sealer to your counters.

To apply the sealer, rub it on the counter with a soft cloth. Consider adding multiple coats each time you do it. You should apply a sealer about every year or so, depending on the countertop material and the sealer product you use.

Photo by dreamstime

If you follow these tips for caring for your stone countertop, you’ll be able to prolong the life of your counter and keep it looking its best. In the meantime, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of your stone countertops.

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  • Patricia E Noseworthy on

    I have had my counter granite counter top for 3 years. I only use AGM daily granite cleaner. Do i have to buy a sealer?

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