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How to Prepare Your Countertops to Last a Lifetime

Countertop Repair Kit Granite Sealer Marble Cleaner Stone Care Products

Natural stone countertops are unique works of art that are found in the mountains across the globe. After they are quarried, fabricated with razor sharp countertop blades, cleaned and ready for your home, stone care products are necessary to keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Here are some items that are vital for the maintenance and longevity of your granite, limestone, onyx, gemstone, slate, quartzite or marble countertops.

Stone Sealer

 A stone sealer is the most important step of care to take for your countertops. A stone sealer provides a layer of protection for your countertop that will prevent damaging liquids from penetrating and leaving permanent stains. Acidic items that are common to kitchens and bathrooms can be devastating to your countertops. Luckily, the sealing process is quick, easy and lasts for approximately 6 months.

 Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer is the top stone sealer available on the market today. It is highly effective at creating an impenetrable layer of protection that will allow your granite, marble or other natural stone to last for years without any blemishes or stains. Although, countertops come pre-sealed, it was eventually wear away after normal daily use in a few months. To ensure their longevity simply spray a generous amount of our stone sealer over your entire countertop and let it set. It’s as easy as that.


Countertop Cleaner

A daily countertop cleaner is another important step for keeping your countertops looking great for a long time. There’s no reason not to take a few seconds after each meal to do some minimal maintenance. It’s really a no-brainer. All you have to do for the stoner cleaner to be effective is spray it onto your countertops, let it sit for about fifteen seconds and then wipe it away.

The AGM Granite and Marble countertop cleaner effectively removes any grease, oils or other grime left on your counters from preparing meals, kids being kids or entertaining guests. It’s a highly efficient granite cleaner that’s handles much more than soap and water could because there’s a small amount of sealer in it as well. The AGM Granite and Marble countertop cleaner combined with the Ultimate Zero Stone Sealer is the best way to preserve your beautiful natural stone countertops.


Countertop Repair Kit

Mr. Stone provides stone care products that are able to handle any situation your countertops may experience. Our countertop repair kit will fix any chips or indents that occur to your counters. It’s the easiest to use granite repair kit available. In just a few minutes, your countertop will be restored and free of any chips. There’s no need to call a your local countertop professional to fix a small chip when you can handle it on your own as quickly as making a cup of tea. Our granite and marble repair kit simply requires you to clean the area, apply some clear epoxy, let it dry and then smooth it over with a razor blade. That’s it!


Countertop Blades

Mr. Stone is also dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment to natural stone countertop fabricators. Our vast stock of granite and marble blades deliver precise cuts so your countertop company can craft the most complex and demanding projects in no time. We carry everything from bridgesaw marble blades to silver granite blades and everything in between. Our state-of-the-art countertop blades are made with the best materials available, to guarantee a superior product.

With the power of Mr. Stone on your side, countertop fabrication has never been easier.

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    Good morning I am moving to Sun City in Georgetown TX and the home is being build, hope to have it done mid May or First part of June 2016. Please put me on your list and I will be buying your AGM cleaner with a little Part of Sealer. This is my first time to have Granite. My present address is Russell Reiter 19445 David Memorial Drive #901 Shenandoah TX 77385,
    Please send me all your information on how to take care of it, Great Video on Marble .com
    Thanks again for having a great product for first time users. Do you have refill sprayers or its it just in one bottle at a time if so I will buy a case or 2 at a time.
    Best regards Russell

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