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The Guide for Countertop Cleaners, Sealers & Repair Kits

Cleaning Countertop Repair Kit Maintenance Sealing Stains

There’s no refuting it. Natural stone countertops are beautiful, timeless and increase the value of any home. No home design is complete until the right countertops are found. Whether it’s granite, marble, quartzite or an exotic stone, like Onyx or Gemstone there are important maintenance steps to take to protect them from daily wear-and-tear.

Countertop Cleaner

Have you ever had a day without any spills or messes in the kitchen? Most likely the answer is, “no.”

It’s normal that kitchens see a significant amount of disasters day in and out. Wine will spill. Plates will drop. Children or pets will create their usual messes. So the question is, how can you protect your natural stone countertops?

It’s easy. All you need is a natural stone countertop cleaner to come to the rescue.

Many people in the blogosphere claim soap and water can clean natural stone countertops. However, if you want a proper, professional cleaning, it simply doesn’t cut it. Valuable countertops demand a product specifically designed to treat them with the distinctive care they need. That’s where the AGM Daily Granite and Marble Countertop Cleaner comes in.

The specially developed formula in this granite cleaner removes the challenge of scrubbing your natural stone countertops. It is a scientifically designed solution that streamlines cleaning like never before. You’ll be able to achieve the pristine look your countertops had when they were first installed in no time.

Using AGM Daily Granite and Marble Countertop Cleaner is quick and simple. First, clear your countertops of all appliances, decorations, or other items that may be on them. This makes it easy to that you can access the entire countertop. Then spray a generous amount of AGM Daily Granite Cleaner on your counters and let it soak in for 15 seconds. After the cleaner has set, wipe it away with a paper towel or clean dry cloth. Any high traffic areas, such as near the stove or next to your D-shaped sink may require a little more attention. After just a few minutes, your countertops will resemble the day you fell in love with them.

In all of our testing, we have yet to find a granite cleaner as efficient and effective as the AGM Daily Countertop Cleaner. A significant contributing factor to why this is the leadering granite cleaner on the market is because it contains a small amount of sealant and a granite sealer is the next item on our guide.

Countertop Sealers

First of all, what is a countertop sealer and what does it do?

A sealer is a simple solution that you apply to your countertops that protects them against staining. It works by filling in the pores of your stone with a resin that prevents stains from penetrating into the natural surface. All natural stones have a certain degree of porosity, although it varies between materials. For example, onyx is more porous than granite, so it will require more attention to keep it’s beautiful appearance, which is fine considering onyx is most commonly used for low traffic areas or as a backlit accent piece.

With daily cleaning, sealing your natural stone countertop twice per year is recommended.

As determined through our thorough testing, Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Protector, which is available at is the most versatile and easy-to-use natural stone sealer. Its exclusive fluoropolymer bonding provides ultimate penetrating protection against staining. The solvent-based formula is completely VOC compliant and comes in a breathable fresh scent. This granite sealer will protect all porous natural stone surfaces for up to six months and can be used on both interior and exterior applications.

Using granite sealer preserves the natural beauty of your stone countertops. Without it, you may find yourself with unsightly stains.

Beyond countertop maintenance, there are some other accessories that are important as well. A granite repair kit is like having a first aid pack for your countertop.

Marble & Granite Countertop Repair Kit

Accidents are sure to happen in the kitchen. Farm sinks may through off your perception when tossing a cast iron pot into the sink and disaster could ensue. Although natural stones are durable, a severe impact could cause the countertop to chip. But there is no reason to panic. Mr. Stone has the solution. We’ve developed an exclusive granite repair kit that will save your countertops. With the Granite and Marble Chip Repair Kit your natural stone countertop can be restored back to its original beauty in just the matter of minutes. The process is easy.

After cleaning your countertops, use the epoxy that comes with the granite and marble repair kit to fill in the chipped area. Then spray the hardener and wipe down any excess. After letting the area set for a few minutes, take a straight razor blade to smooth out the area so it is level with the rest of your granite or marble countertop.


With Mr. Stone’s Marble and Granite Repair Kit your natural stone countertops will be saved from unsightly chips. As a homeowner there are enough expenses, don’t be forced to swap out your island or counters out because of a small imperfection. Whether it is a marble chip, granite chip or any other natural stone, our countertop repair kit will restore your beloved granite or marble in no time.

The Mr. Stone Advantage

At Mr. Stone, we take immense pride in our ability to satisfy all of the countertop needs of our customers both homeowners and fabricators. Our high quality granite cleaner, granite sealer, and countertop repair kit will keep kitchen and bathroom counters beautiful for years. We also offer a wide variety of sturdy sinks, such as a D-shaped sink, farm sinks and 70/30 sinks and sink accessories like sink grids and cutting boards.

We even service fabricators by providing the strongest granite blades on the market. Our extensive experience serving the countertop fabrication industry is second-to-none. The granite blades at Mr. Stone are sure to last and will make precise cuts every time. It is vital to have granite blades that will be able to last for a long time so your countertop fabrication company can thrive.

Mr. Stone is the industry leader in providing countertops accessories and fabrication tools. Leave a comment below with any questions you have!

By Daniel Morrell

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