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The Look of Granite vs. Marble

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By: Ann Kent


It goes without question that any installation of natural stone will look amazing in your home, but there are distinct differences between granite and marble stones, both in appearance and maintenance. Granite is known for its unique speckling, strength, overall durability, and its wide range of granite color options. Marble, on the other hand, is loved because of its brilliant and dramatic marble veining throughout the stone and is often feared because it is not as durable as granite or quartzite. Both marble and granite continue to be in high demand in the natural stone industry.



Granite remains such a popular stone because of the huge numbers of granite colors on the market. Light colored granites like Viscont white granite can help create the look of marble without the upkeep. Similarly, darker granite colors like Tan brown granite or Ubatuba granite provide a range of colors and feel that cannot be matched by marble, which is only available in lighter colors. Many homeowners opt to install a combination of light and dark countertops to create an interesting contrast in their homes. All natural stone countertops are considered a unique piece of artwork and you will never be able to find two slabs of granite or marble that look alike in their speckling or veins. This is part of what appeals to homeowners about natural stones as opposed to man-made countertops. It is the unique veining and speckling that makes the countertops the focal point in a kitchen. Granite countertops only need to be sealed 1-2 times a year and are heat and stain resistant, making them a great choice for a high traffic kitchen. Granite can also be used in outdoor installations like an outdoor grill, but marble should never be installed outside and exposed to natural elements like sun and rain.



Throughout history, marble has been a stone of choice for sculptors and for use in the home because of its richness. The brilliant veins within a slab of White Carrara marble or Statuario marble are unmatched by the engineered quartz stones on the market that seek to mimic the look of marble. Marble’s rich beauty does not come without a cost and marble is one of the most porous natural stones available. Over time it will etch when exposed to acids. Routine maintenance requires that a homeowner seals a marble kitchen countertop up to 4 times a year, and even with this upkeep, marble will often need to be repaired over time. Marble is not often recommended in a high traffic kitchen, but if your counters do chip, you can always repair them easily with our Granite and marble chip repair kit instead of calling in an expensive worker. The repair kit contains an epoxy material that will fill in any chips or cracks. The epoxy dries hard and will be virtually impossible to notice the next day. The repair kit can also be used on granite countertops, but they are typically less likely to require repair. Calacatta Gold marble is known for deep gray veining with taupe underlying highlights and can be a dramatic installation in a home. It is sourced from a quarry in Italy and is sought after for these wonderful veins. Polished marble will be more likely to etch or chip, so many homeowners choose a honed finish for a marble countertop. A honed finish will not have the shiny and reflective look of polished marble, but it is very smooth and soft to the touch, almost like satin. It is scratch resistant and will likely perform better in a kitchen installation.


Both granite and marble countertops can be cleaned with a simple mix of soap and water, but you can also use our AGM Daily Countertop Cleaner for added protection. The countertop cleaner’s formulation contains a small bit of sealant, so you will be protecting your countertops each time you clean. The look of marble and granite will provide a beautiful addition to your space and you can rely on your installation lasting a very long time with relatively minimal upkeep.






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