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Why is a Backsplash Important in Kitchens?

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By: Patricia Hughes


The backsplash is the area that extends from the bottom of cabinets down to kitchen countertops. A backsplash has practical and aesthetic purposes. As a practical matter, a backsplash protects the wall behind the countertop. Without a backsplash, spilled liquids can run down the back of the countertop in a small space between the counter and the wall. In addition, the backsplash protects the wall from foods and liquids splashing up and staining the wall. Look at the neutral colored tile backsplash below. 



A backsplash adds aesthetic value to kitchen design and provides a finished look to a kitchen. There are many options for backsplashes, such as a full natural stone, tile, and mosaic tiles. This is an individual choice and the best option depends on your kitchen design style and personal preferences. Some like to make a statement or use the backsplash as art, while others prefer a more subtle approach, such as a neutral stone backsplash.

Selecting a Stone for Your Backsplash

The natural stone industry offers many stone colors and types of stone for countertops and backsplashes. Some people select a backsplash to match their marble and granite countertops by using the same stone. Others prefer to choose a different color or type of stone for the backsplash, either a neutral shade of veiny marble or granite in a complementary color.

The type of stone is an important consideration when choosing a backsplash. Any type of natural stone can be used for a backsplash, such as quartz, quartzite, travertine, marble, and granite. However, some types of stone are softer than others, such as marble and travertine. These softer stones tend to stain and etch easily. If you are planning a renovation for a high-traffic kitchen, consider choosing a harder stone for your backsplashes, such as granite, quartz, or quartzite.



Caring for Your Countertop and Backsplash

Once your natural stone backsplash has been installed, proper care is needed to keep it looking great. The care that is needed depends on the type of stone. For example, some types of stone need to be sealed at least a few times a year, while others may require sealing less frequently. We at Mr. Stone offer high-quality products that are formulated for use on natural stone, including AGM daily countertop cleaner, Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer, and a Granite and Marble chip repair kit to repair any small chips that may happen.

Each type of natural stone has a degree of porosity. If not properly sealed, liquids, water, and oils can penetrate the stone, causing stains or etching. The frequency that sealing is needed depends on the type of stone, but most need to be sealed at least a few times each year. Natural stone sealer products are designed to seal the stone to protect it from damage. As mentioned above, we at Mr. Stone offer a professional grade sealer that is formulated for use on most types of natural stone.

Your backsplash will be an element of the kitchen that will pull your whole room together. Sometimes your room can seem bland and will need that extra something to keep your kitchen style looking new. You will be surprised at how the upgrade or addition of a kitchen backsplash can change the look of the room. It will be a beautiful and functional addition to your kitchen and we can provide all the necessary cleaning products to keep your kitchen backsplash looking its best!



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