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Retro and Contemporary Style in the Kitchen

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Interior design trends are continually evolving with new styles emerging for kitchen design. Currently, retro and contemporary cabinetry are trendy in the kitchen. Depending on your own style preferences, the architectural style of your home, and existing home décor, one of these design styles may be perfect for your kitchen renovation project.

Retro Kitchen Trends

Retro design brings past trends to new life. Current retro trends in modern kitchen designs include cabinets that are reminiscent of midcentury modern and classic 1950’s style kitchens.

If you love the style and understated design of mid-century modern kitchens, choose cabinets in sleek designs with simple hardware. Kitchens in this style often feature white cabinets and white appliances. Flat panel cabinets are suited to this design style. You can opt for a darker color for kitchen cabinets with white counters or white cabinets with a darker countertop, such as Fantasy brown quartzite.

Another popular trend is to incorporate elements of classic kitchens of the 1950’s with bright and bold colors. Choose cabinets in a sleek retro design in bright colors, such as red, green, or blue. Geometric patterns in the floor tiles is another popular feature for retro kitchens. A variety of appliance colors work for retro kitchens, including stainless steel appliances, white, or a bolder color, such as robin’s egg blue or cherry red.

While midcentury modern and 1950s kitchens typically featured laminate or stainless steel counters, the natural stone industry offers warmer options for kitchen countertops, including marble, granite countertops, and quartzite countertops. A variety of grey or off-white granite and marble stone colors add warmth and elegance to classic kitchen design. Bianco Antico granite works well in busy kitchens or tries a white marble like Calacatta Extra marble with grey veins for low traffic areas.

Contemporary Cabinets

Cabinets in the contemporary style are streamlined and minimalistic with flat surfaces. The cabinets have a simpler look with less decorative trim. The current contemporary interior design borrows from modern design. Kitchen cabinets in this style have a clean, spacious look, rather than raised panels on the doors and simple hardware.

Contemporary kitchen design is ideal for small kitchens, just be aware that the simplistic style and use of materials such as metal, concrete, plastic or glass can create a cold and sterile feeling in the room. Many homeowners warm it up with wood and natural stone. Contemporary kitchen cabinetry pairs great with wood flooring and natural stone kitchen countertops.

Kitchens in this style tend to have a monochromatic color scheme in combinations of black, white, and grey. Shaker cabinets, a dark wood floor, and a grey backsplash create a clean, sharp look in a contemporary style. Contemporary kitchens sometimes feature a bold color, maybe in the cabinets or countertops in brighter stone colors.

If you are interested in creating a contemporary kitchen design in your home, choose medium tone wood cabinets, beige countertops and backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. The nice thing about this type of style is the neutral colors will make it easier to update the style of your kitchen later without investing in new cabinets and granite countertops or quartzite countertops.

Countertop Care

Whether you choose retro or contemporary interior design styles, natural stone countertops require proper care and maintenance to last. Products for cleaning and maintaining your natural stone, such as our AGM Daily Countertop Cleaner and Superior Zero Ultimate Sealer. The AGM Daily Countertop Cleaner is a cleaner that is designed for use on marble and granite to clean the stone without damaging it. A natural stone sealer should be used several times each year to protect the surface.

SlabMarket is a great place for natural stone fabricators to find a large selection of slabs for granite countertops, quartzite countertops, and other natural stone countertops, backsplashes, and fireplace surrounds. 






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