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Are There Benefits of Having Natural Stone Countertops?

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By: Patricia Hughes

When building a home or remodeling the kitchen, selecting countertops is an essential part of the process. Many homeowners wonder about the benefits of vinyl, natural stone, and other countertop materials. Natural stone countertops offer a variety of aesthetic and tangible benefits. 

Aesthetics & Versatility

Marble, granite, quartzite, and other types of natural stone transform any kitchen and create a stunning focal point for the room. There are hundreds of stone types and stone colors to choose from, so it is easy to find the perfect countertop material to suit any home and budget, including granite, marble, onyx, travertine, limestone, soapstone, slate, quartz countertops, and quartzite countertops.

Natural stone offers the flexibility and variety to easily find the perfect countertop for any design style and color scheme. There are hundreds of options in light, dark, neutral, and bold natural stone colors. If you love the look of white kitchen countertops, consider a white marble, such as Statuario marble or light granite, such as Viscont white granite. Vena Carrara quartz offers the look of white marble in a highly durable and easy to maintain stone. If you prefer darker or brighter colors, there are colors and patterns to satisfy any preference.

We at Mr.Stone offer all the products you need to maintain your stone so you can enjoy them for many years. An essential for natural stone countertops is our AGM Daily Countertop Cleaner which is safe to use on a daily basis.

Durability & Value

Natural stone countertops are a highly durable option for your new kitchen. Natural stone lasts for many years, so the kitchen countertops won’t have to be replaced as long as they are maintained and the right stone is selected for the application. For example, granite countertops, quartz countertops, marble countertops, and quartzite countertops have varying levels of durability and each work better than others in particular areas of the home.

Although the initial cost of natural stone countertops is higher than vinyl and other cheap materials, investing in natural stone saves money over time. When you consider the cost of more frequently replacing cheaper countertops and the hassle of more frequent installations, the cost of natural countertops is worth the investment.

Natural stone countertops are a selling feature when the time comes to sell your home. The addition of natural stone enhances property value. When you sell your home, you will be able to recoup some of your investment in a better selling price. Natural stone is popular with sellers and makes a great impression when prospective buyers come for a tour, which may help your home sell faster.

If you want to enjoy the full benefit of having natural stone countertops, it is important to care for your stone properly. The need for cleaning and sealing varies, depending on the type of stone. You should only use a cleaner that is designed for your type of countertop material. Some types of natural stone need to be sealed more frequently than others. In order to enjoy the maximum lifespan and keep your countertops looking great, it is important to seal the stone regularly.

Mr.Stone offers products formulated specifically for natural stone, including AGM Daily Countertop Cleaner (as mentioned earlier) and natural stone sealer products. AGM Daily Countertop Cleaner is a safe cleaning solution that is formulated for daily use on natural stone countertops. When you need to seal your natural stone, Mr. Stone offers several natural stone sealer options such as the Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer.

The natural stone industry offers something for every home, from gorgeous white marble such as Statuario marble to Vena Carrara quartz for homeowners who want the beauty of white marble with less maintenance. As long as you care for your new natural stone countertops, you will enjoy the advantages of improved aesthetics, durability, and value for many years.



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