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The Best Cleaner for Granite and Marble Counters


When it comes to protecting and extending the life of your countertops, there is no substitute for a pristine cleaning and regular sealing. Whether your countertops are marble, granite, soapstone, limestone, onyx, or any other natural stone, it requires both care and maintenance. Your countertops are the focal point for your kitchen, bar, bathroom, or any other room, which is why it is important to keep them looking their best. Your countertop’s beautiful, natural luster requires just a few minutes of regular cleaning and periodic sealing per year to have them looking as good as new.



When you make use of your natural stone countertop, regardless of it being a beautiful Ice Sugar Onyx, Namibian Gold Granite, or a Jerusalem White Limestone, it’s vital to clean and maintain them. The easiest way to keep your kitchen or bathroom countertops in the best possible shape is to wipe them off after each use. For doing this, we recommend AGM Daily Granite Cleaner, which is an effective cleaner for natural stones. It can be purchased individually or in an economy sized 3-pack, which is the most affordable way to keep your countertops clean. AGM Daily Granite Cleaner is distributed through by, who is the largest granite and marble fabricator in the United States. It is specifically designed for cleaning natural stones, so the formula will not damage your counters. It also has a pleasant, refreshing scent. AGM Daily Granite Cleaner is tough on grease and oils. It is able to break them down with ease and create a beautiful shine without any leftover residue. 

Everything from cooking, to food preparation, to general wear, will create the potential for blemishes on your countertop. These risks can be negated if a few simple steps are taken. Cleaning your natural stone countertops after each use will preserve its gorgeous appearance whether they are Bateig Azul marble or Silver Travertine.

Warm water and soap can be used on your countertops too, but they will also need to be resealed periodically. Although sealing twice per year is recommended, AGM Daily Granite Cleaner has a small amount of protective sealer in it as well. By using this simple cleaner, you won’t have to stress about the maintenance of your beloved marble or granite countertops.

Using AGM Daily Granite Cleaner couldn’t be simpler. First, clear your countertop of all appliances, decorations, or other items that may be on it so that you can access the entire countertop. Then spray a generous amount of AGM Daily Granite Cleaner on the surface and let it sit for 15 seconds. After letting the cleaner set, wipe it away with a paper towel or clean, dry cloth. Any high traffic areas, such as near the stove or next to the sink may require a little more attention. After just a few minutes, your countertops will shine like the first day they were installed. Retaining the beauty of your marble or granite counters has never been easier with AGM Daily Granite

By Evan Umansky


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