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Chipped Countertop? The Granite and Marble Repair Kit is to the Rescue

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The process is finally over. After months of planning, deliberating, and installing, you’ve successfully remodeled your kitchen and it’s looking awesome. The cabinets are the perfect shade of brown, the hardwood floors are polished and pristine, and those divine countertops are really pulling the room together. While you stand there admiring the amazing work that you’ve done, your clumsy brother-in-law stomps in from grilling outside and hurls the cast iron griddle towards the undermount sink. Of course, he misses. Just like that – your beloved new granite countertops are chipped. You’re at a loss for words. What do you do now? Mr. Stone’s Countertop Repair Kit is here to fix your chipped granite chip.

There’s no need to frantically turn to expensive countertop repair professionals. With the Granite and Marble Chip Repair Kit your natural stone countertop can be restored back to its original beauty in just the matter of minutes. The process is easy.

First, you’ll clean your stone by using the AGM Granite and Marble Cleaner.

Then take the gel epoxy that comes with the repair kit and fill in the chipped area, a few drops is typically all that you will need. After applying the gel epoxy, give the area a few sprays of the hardener and wipe down any excess that is not in the marble or granite chip. After letting the area dry and set for a few minutes, take a straight razor blade and smooth out the area so that it is level with the rest of your granite or marble countertop. To truly ensure that your chip repair is complete and level, take a piece of steel wool and buff out the area until it looks smooth and beautiful.

With Mr. Stone’s Countertop Repair Kit your granite and marble countertops will be saved from unsightly chips. As a homeowner you have enough expenses, don’t be forced to swap out your island or counters out because of a relatively small countertop chip. Whether it is a marble chip, granite chip or any other natural stone, the Granite and Marble Chip Repair Kit will restore your beloved countertops in no time. For more information and to order the Mr. Stone Repair Kit for chipped countertops, click here.

By Daniel Morrell


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