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Marble.com Tested Our Products and Found Them Ideal for Stone Care

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At Mr. Stone we pride ourselves on producing the best and most effective stone care products, from cleaners to sealants. Additionally, we also provide complementary items such as repair kits and sinks meant to enhance any stone installation.

So it makes us particularly proud when one of the largest stone providers in the Northeast tests our products and loves them so much that they recommend them exclusively to all their customers.

Below we’ll go through the variety of our products that Marble.com stands by when it comes to ensuring their stone fabrications and installations stay in the best possible shape for the longest possible time.


All Granite and Marble Countertop Cleaner (3 Pack)

One of our most popular products, the countertop cleaner pack is an essential product set that can be used to clean all countertop surfaces in a home. It handles everyday messes with an ease that is a time saver. It also contains sealer in the mix to ensure your stone products remain protected.

As for its application, it’s as simple as spray and wipe. Using daily, even though not necessary, is certainly an option given how easy it is to keep all your stone products clean, sealed, and looking as sharp as the day they were installed.

Granite and Marble Chip Repair Kit

While any major stone damage is often something you should call the fabricator (like Marble.com)  for, small chips and nicks can be repaired by Mr. Stone’s Chip Repair Kit. Another Mr. Stone product that is simple to use, the Chip Repair Kit comes prepackaged with all the necessary components in addition to a full set of written instructions and video tutorials.

If the chip or nick is small enough, the cost savings of the Chip Repair Kit are significant as you can have the small chip fixed in minutes. Nevertheless, anything larger than a chip will require a professional like Marble.com to fix, so keep that in mind before you try to reinstall a chunk of stone that got knocked off due to rambunctious kids or clumsy spouses.

DuPont Stonetech Bulletproof Sealer

While this isn’t a Mr. Stone proprietary product, it’s so effective at sealing natural stone that it has earned the seal of approval from both Mr. Stone and Marble.com. DuPont’s Stonetech sealer is water-based, meaning it can be used for interior and exterior applications. Due to the porous nature of stone, routine sealing is a must, and this sealer is professional grade meaning you’ll get more mileage out of each seal. And because it can be applied to any stone, natural or manufactured, its versatility and effectiveness is why we offer it our customers and why Marble.com does too.

DiMonte 70-30 Sink

Another product that we can't endorse enough, and one that is exclusively made for Mr. Stone, is the DiMonte 70-30 sink. We know that our judgement was sound in regards to sourcing DiMonte sinks because Marble.com has found the sink to be incredibly complementary to many of their stone installations. The reason why is simply because the sink is large enough to accommodate the needs of any homeowner and is beautifully designed. Pragmatic and aesthetically pleasing, the DiMonte 70-30 features a double bowl for added convenience, as well as an undermount system to further highlight the beauty of the countertop it is placed in.

Even better, Marble.com enjoys the 70-30 sink so much they include for free with any kitchen countertop install.