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What To Avoid with Your New Stainless Steel Sink

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By: Ann Kent

Similar to an installation of high-quality natural stone countertops, a stainless steel sink may pass from homeowner to homeowner without needing to be repaired or replaced. Many homeowners choose stainless steel sinks over porcelain sinks because they are durable and hide stains far better.

Our DiMonte Stainless steel sinks are fairly easy to maintain and require just a little bit of daily elbow grease to keep them looking shiny for years to come. A high-quality DiMonte stainless steel sink is an investment that can perform well in a kitchen for many years with the proper care and attention. Mr. Stone recommends using only the best products like DuPont StoneTech Stainless Steel Pro Cleaner to avoid damaging your sink with harmful abrasives found in other cleaners that can scratch your sink. You should never use abrasive sponges on your stainless-steel sink, but instead, use a soft cloth or a sponge. We also have sink grids that can help protect the shine of your sink against scratches and other imperfections. A DiMonte sink grid is also great at preventing the spread of bacteria and allows you to better clean your pots and pans and keep them from sitting in dirty water. The sink grid also protects your sink against pots and pans that may be heavily dropped directly in your sink. Even though stainless steel is strong and resilient, you should never throw a pot directly into the sink as it can create a dent or mark in the stainless steel.

Stainless steel sinks are desirable because of their overall neutrality and sleek look. They look amazing when paired with any color natural stone and unite perfectly with the overwhelming popularity of stainless steel appliances. Busy homeowners love the fact that they will hide dirt and grime far better than a white sink, and they often are praised for their ability to be incorporated into any style kitchen. One cannot compromise on the quality of a stainless steel sink. The investment of a DiMonte stainless steel sink is worth it and will far outperform a cheaper stainless steel sink. With proper care and maintenance, you will not need to replace a DiMonte sink for a long time, so it is analogous to the investment of quality natural stone countertops from the best countertop installer,


Homeowners often select stainless steel sinks because they look amazing next to the stones that dominate the natural stone industry. The color and texture of stainless steel match any décor or stone color.’s natural stone countertops provide a wide selection of many natural stone colors. Natural stone requires a different level of maintenance depending on the stone. Marble, for example, is one of the most porous stones and requires sealing up to 4 times a year. Even with routine sealing, however, marble can chip or stain. Like all other natural stones, however, marble can be restored and chips can be repaired. Mr. Stone sells a marble and granite chip repair kit that any homeowner can apply. It is a simply epoxy that is brushed on to the chip or cracks, and once it dries; it is virtually impossible to distinguish where the imperfection was. Granite and quartzite only require sealing 1-2 times a year because they are more durable and stain resistant. All natural stones can be cleaned using the AGM Daily Countertop Cleaner. It is an odorless, non-toxic cleaner that Mr. Stone sells that will protect your countertops as you clean. The formulation of AGM Daily Cleaner contains a small trace of sealant so that you are sealing your countertops each time you clean. It is a great product that will not damage your natural stone or produce a toxic odor.


Now, the thought of durable stainless steel might force you to treat it as indestructible but the truth is…it’s not. Be careful when placing dishes in your sink and don’t be too harsh when cleaning it. These are facts that you should remember if you want your sink to last, hopefully as long as your durable stone countertops.



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