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What Elements in Design Pull the Room Together?

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By: Patricia Hughes



Why is it that professionally designed rooms always have a finished, cohesive look? Professional designers include three components of interior design to create a polished look in kitchen and bathroom designs. Fortunately, you can get a similar professional look for your remodeling project when you include the three components in your own design: countertops, flooring, and area rugs. Selecting flooring, countertops, and area rugs that complement each other allows you to create a cohesive look to your interior design.

Creating a Cohesive Kitchen Design

Kitchen countertops are among the first decisions made in a remodeling project. Based on the color and style of the countertop, you can make other decisions regarding flooring, area rugs, wall color, window treatments, and decorative objects. The natural stone industry offers a nearly unlimited number of options for stone colors. Neutral colors, such as the dark Absolute black granite or the lighter Viscont white granite countertops can be combined with virtually any color palette. 

After you have selected the countertop, you can make decisions regarding flooring and area rugs. In modern homes, most kitchens are open to the surrounding rooms, such as a dining room, living room, or family room. In this case, people often choose to have one type of flooring in multiple rooms, such as hardwood, bamboo, or laminate floors. Of course, others still prefer tile in the kitchen because it is more durable and easier to clean.

The veins in marble and patterns in granite can help guide your color options. Choose a color in the pattern of the stone to carry over into your area rugs, window treatments, and other elements. If you have wood floors and a neutral countertop, you can bring some color into the room with area rugs. These pops of color can be changed periodically to keep the look of the room fresh with new accent rugs and window treatments.

Bringing Bathroom Elements Together

The bathroom one of the smallest rooms in the home, which makes many people feel more willing to take risks in design, especially in the master bath since it is a larger space that is used primarily by the family, rather than guests. When making design decisions regarding bathroom vanity tops, flooring, and area rugs, make sure the colors and patterns do not compete too much, as this can overwhelm the space. For example, if you use a neutral color, such as Absolute black granite or Viscont white granite, you may want to bring more color into the room with the area rug. However, if the vanity top has a bold color or pattern, using a neutral floor tile and toned down color for the area rug creates balance in the room.

Caring for Natural Stone

Proper care of your countertops and vanity tops is important to avoid damaging the stone. A typical countertop cleaner may contain chemicals that can stain or etch marble and granite. Our AGM daily countertop cleaner is a cleaner that contains ingredients that are safe for natural stone kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. AGM daily countertop cleaner offers the added benefit of a sealer within its formulation, so it cleans and protects your stone.

Natural stone sealer is used to protect stone countertops and vanity tops from staining or etching. We at Mr. Stone offer a few different types of sealers such as Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer for use on marble and granite, as well as other types of stone. Some natural stone sealer products also contain ingredients that deepen the color of the stone. When choosing a sealer, make sure it is safe for your specific type of natural stone countertop and seal the stone as often as recommended for that type of stone.

In addition to cleaners and sealers to protect natural stones, there are products sold to repair problems, including the Granite and Marble chip repair kit. Chips can happen when a heavy pan or other heavy object is dropped on the kitchen counter or bathroom vanity top. The granite and marble chip repair kit comes with everything you need to repair small chips in your marble and granite.

These three design components will surely pull your whole look together in whatever room you are designing. Sometimes we don't have the luxury of hiring a professional designer to design our space. But with these design tips, we can become our own personal designer while creating a room that we enjoy and that looks professional.







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