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The Facts About Quartz Countertops

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By: Kevin Fritz

Quartz is without doubt rapidly becoming a popular choice with homeowners and businesses seeking a versatile, sleek look to kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, quartz countertops are outpacing the venerable granite in many markets, for many reasons.


While priced similar to slabs of granite, quartz countertops do not need to be sealed. Porous granite, on the other hand, if not sealed regularly, can be prone to staining. Quartz is also as durable as granite and can withstand everyday life.

What really draws most designers, builders and remodelers to quartz, however, is its uncanny appearance to marble. Much easier on the wallet than the queen of natural stones, quartz is ideal for those seeking that sophisticated marble look with more color choices and ease of maintenance.

Take the Vena Calacatta Infinita, engineered by Venastone. The similarity to the rare Italian Calacatta Marble is remarkable, with its artwork of bold dramatic gray veins on a pure white background. Calacatta Marble is known the world over as one of the most extraordinary natural stones that is mined in only one quarry on earth in Carrara, Italy, also home to Carrara White Marble. Venastone’s Vena Statuario Bianco quartz that offers dark, deep gray veins over a light backdrop is another choice for those looking for an old-school Italian marble expression.



Beyond appearance, quartz offers virtues not found in marble that homeowners have grown to love. Quartz, unlike marble, will not etch or easily scratch, meaning it is ideal for the kitchen. The high levels of calcium carbonate naturally found in marble make the stone very susceptible to marring from acidic foods, drinks and cleaning products. Speaking of cleaning, simply wipe quartz clean with a mild soap and water and move on. And to enhance the rich color of this stone, you can use a product of ours called Quartz Surface Enhancer.

Two caveats to keep to of mind: While a quartz countertop is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof, so please use a cutting board. That’s good advice with virtually any kitchen surface. Second, unlike granite, quartz is not heat resistant so keep those hot pans off the kitchen counter.

Quartz may not be 100 percent natural, but its’ pretty darn close. The engineered, man-made stone is mostly composed of naturally forming quartz. No other mineral on earth is more copious on the earth’s surface than quartz and its uses are widespread. Beyond quartz countertops, quartz is part of our everyday life. It is found in clocks, watches, computers, and televisions because of its ability to regulate the flow of electricity.

Bottom line: If you love marble, but are not sold on its price or drawbacks, quartz countertops are for you. Venastone’s white, veiny slabs, especially the Vena Calacatta Infinita mimicking the look of Calacatta Marble are so much like the real thing, only you’ll know your secret.

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