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By: Ginger Perales is an online store created specifically for countertop fabricators by countertop fabricators. Mr. Stone offers all of the products needed to maintain a successful stone countertop fabrication business in one location, including premium granite blades, core bits, and polishing pads. Leveraging years of fabrication experience and a full understanding of the natural stone industry all allows you to shop with complete confidence.


Makita Water Saw


We have established professional relationships with the absolute best suppliers in the business and are able to offer superior diamond blades, which have been designed specifically for natural stone fabrication and rigorously tested to ensure their durability and quality. Additionally, has partnered with, a leading natural stone fabricator and installer to supply the best, and only the best. is where you’ll find the quality you deserve.

The products you’ll find at include: 

Core Bits: offers a number of CNC finger bits, granite and marble bits, and construction bits in a variety of sizes.

  • Economy core bits. Priced less than premium core bits, these are professional tools, just with a shorter life span and should only be used for a wet drilling application.
  • Finger bits. High-quality diamond tools for milling and cutting arcs in marble and granite and marble using a CNC machine. Tip: Use electroplated bits for marble.
  • Premium construction core bits. The industry standard with unrivaled longevity and drilling speed.
  • Premium core bits. The preferred diamond tool, these core bits offer superior drilling and quick cooling.
  • Premium core bits with side protection. Vacuum brazed sides increase mobility and produce clearer, smoother holes, as well as an extended lifespan.
  • Super premium construction core bits. The ultimate diamond tool for cutting fast and clean into a wide array of materials such as concrete (reinforced and non), block, and brick.
  • Vacuum brazed core bits. Vacuum Brazing technology makes this core bit perfect for drilling into softer materials, including marble, porcelain, and onyx.


Cutting Tools:

  • Bridge saw blades. Constructed to optimize cutting power and performance and provide a quality cut quickly and without chipping with a unique silent core that allows the blade to cut smoothly.  
  • Construction blades. offers a specific blade for a specific job, including general blades, asphalt blades, brick and block blades, concrete blades, and rescue/demolition blades.
  • Granite blades. This selection of diamond blades is designed for all types of granite applications.
  • Marble blades. Mr. Stone’s marble blades are electroplated to provide a smooth and fast cut in any type of marble.
  • Tile & porcelain blades. Premium quality,, diamond blades are made specifically to cut difficult stones. 



Polishing Tools:

  • Back up holders. Velcro backed (hooks) to work with any Velcro backed pads (soft), and made from rubber or bakelite.
  • Polishing pads. offer several varieties of these premium diamond tools for polishing marble and granite floor tiles, available in various grits to achieve the perfect finish.


Router Bits:

Cove dupont, ogee, cove ogee, full bullnose, half bullnose, and waterfall, these diamond grade tools can be used to create any edge.


Grinding Tools:

  • The innovative design of the milling wheel guards against overheating and wear and can be used on numerous stone types.
  • Concrete cup wheel. Designed specifically for grinding fieldstone and concrete, these turbo segmented diamond tools are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Smooth faced cup. This resin cup wheel is designed for use on the most delicate materials with no shattering or chipping.
  • Sink wheels. Available in fine, medium, and coarse textures, sink wheels are used on granite and marble for grinding out sinkholes and removing the excess material from cuts or edging.


Power Tools:

  • com features water saws, polishers and grinders.
  • Water pump & accessories. From a complete submersible dewatering pump package to discharge hoses and hose clamps, you’ll find a number of water pump products at

Makita Buffer and Polisher


Too Much to Mention:

Abrasives, installation and templating products, and safety equipment are among the multitude of other products you’ll find at



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