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How to Choose the Best Faucet for Your Kitchen

By Amy Leigh Brown


With so many faucet options available, how do you choose the correct faucet for your kitchen sink? You may feel overwhelmed when you go into the hardware store – there are so many options! Learning the basics and features that each style can provide you will help in your decision.

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Mounting & Hole Count

You should first learn the two types of faucet mounting that are available for you to choose from: wall-mounts and deck-mounts. Wall-mount faucets will mount directly into your kitchen wall and rest just over the sink. Deck-mounts, also known as counter-mounts, mount onto your kitchen sink, and are more common than wall mounts.

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Deck-mount faucet

Remember, when purchasing your faucet, you need to take the number of holes in your sink into consideration. If you’re doing a complete remodel or building your kitchen from scratch, it will be much easier to determine which sink you will need once you decide on a faucet and know how many holes your sink will need.

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Wall-mount faucet


Often in homes you will find sinks that have either one or two handled faucets. In more modern homes you may now find hands-free faucets. First, consider your lifestyle when choosing your handle options. Think of the overall look you’re going for, as well as in what ways you most often use your kitchen sink.

One-handle faucets control hot and cold water with the one handle. They take up minimal space, but it can be harder to control the temperature this way. Two-handle faucets have separate handles to control both hot water and cold water. This style makes controlling the temperature easier.

Hand-free faucets are just that – hands free! Typically there will be a small handle attached that you can use for a hands-on override. They do require batteries for the motion sensor, but provide a modern feel and stylish look.


Brushed chrome, polished nickel, wrought iron, ivory, stainless steel… So many beautiful finishes are available, so how do you choose? Consider your kitchen space before deciding on your finish. If you like a timeless, cohesive look to your kitchen design, consider purchasing your new faucet in a finish that complements your hardware that’s already installed on your kitchen cabinets. At most hardware stores, you can even to specialty order a faucet in a particular finish if they don’t have one that you like in stock.

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Extra Features

Built-in water filtration systems, spray wands, and built-in lotion and soap dispensers are a few examples of extra features that may be available when purchasing your new kitchen faucet. These don’t have to be purchased right away, although you need to consider again the number of holes your sink has before buying. Spray wands and lotion/soap dispensers will need their own hole built in.

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Pull-down spray nozzles are also available if this is more your style. They are built into the faucet spout and you simply pull it down when you need the spray. Tip: If you’re interested in a pull-down sprayer, look into magnetic attachment nozzles. 

Now you know the basics and are ready to head to the hardware store to begin your search for the perfect kitchen faucet for your home. What other tips do you have for people looking to buy a kitchen faucet? Share them in the comments below!

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