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For all the Natural Stone Fabricators. This one's for you!

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By: Ann Kent


Mr. Stone is the one-stop shop for all natural stone fabricators specializing in marble and granite. We sell all the tools for cutting, sanding and preparing your stones as well as all the necessary safety equipment required for fabricators.


Mr. Stone specializes in diamond tools for fabrication, and supplies a range of countertop installation supplies from core bits to handling equipment. The diamond tools are manufactured in South Korea and are built to perform and last. The blades will last longer with softer stones like marble than harder, more durable stones like granite or quartzite. Mr. Stone sells dry and wet blades also.


We at supply cutting, polishing, power tools, and grinding tools as well as abrasives, adhesives and handling equipment while delivering a level of quality that results in long-standing relationships with fabricators. We offer quality parts and equipment for all fabrication needs. A factory warrantee from the manufacturer, which will please any natural stone fabricator, covers all tools sold on


Mr. Stone offers CNC finger bits that are designed for granite and marble as well as construction bits. They sell a wide range of tools for stone cutting, polishing and grinding as well as all of the necessary handling equipment and installation equipment. We also offer a full line of safety items including back support straps, dust masks, gloves, waterproof jackets, boots, and pants.


Fabricators routinely turn to Mr. Stone for supplies because we are a one-stop shop and you can source all of your supplies through us. If you work as both a fabricator and installer, we also sell sinks and grids for all of your kitchen needs. You can purchase directly from Mr. Stone and source so many of the things you will need for your kitchen design. Mr. Stone’s stainless and porcelain sinks are available in all colors and set-ups from large farmhouse sinks to double basin sinks and deep stainless steel sinks. We sell stainless steel grids that help to protect stainless steel sinks from scratches. While stainless steel is quite strong, high quality stainless steel will still scratch from every day use and exposure to heavy pots and pans.


We sell products directly to fabricators, but can also provide excellent products to homeowners to help protect and restore their granite and marble countertops. Mr. Stone’s AGM Granite and Marble Countertop Cleaner is a top regarded natural stone countertop-cleaning product that contains a small amount of sealant within its formulation. This means when you or your customers clean their stone countertops with our countertop cleaner, they are doing their part to seal their countertops on a regular basis. We also suggest the Dupont Stone Tech Bullet Proof sealer. It is a water-based sealant that can be applied to natural stones like granite and marble. When used properly 1 to 2 times a year for granite and up to 4 times a year for white marble countertops, this product will keep your kitchen countertops looking amazing for years.


Mr. Stone understands that even when proper maintenance schedules are followed and customers care for their natural stone countertops with optimal attention, marble and granite may need repairs over time. The Marble and Granite Repair kit that Mr. Stone sells is easy to apply and will result in your countertops looking like they never had a chip. A small bit of epoxy can be applied to the marble and granite to even out the surface. Since the epoxy is clear, you will never notice it is there.


In addition to our products for all your stone fabrication needs, our affiliate supplies natural stone to many fabricators who dominate the natural stone industry. Fabricators can fill their containers with a wide selection of top natural stones like marble, granite and quartzite. They are well regarded within the natural stone industry as being a go-to supplier for all countertop fabricators and customers for finding the best quality stone countertop materials.


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