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Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks: Durable and Stylish


By: Marissa Sese

Sinks are an essential component for every kitchen. They are the hub of preparing meals, cleaning, and also handle the bulk of daily chores. Sinks are available in a variety of materials and styles, from shimmering stainless steel double bowl sinks and pristine porcelain bowl sinks to rugged cast iron farm sinks. Every sink has its own purposeful application and deciding which one is right for you can be a little tricky.

The Kitchen Sink

 Not many other features of the home are used as often as the kitchen sink. It is the home of a variety of tasks that are essential to daily living, such as washing hands, preparing meals, and cleaning. Choosing the right material for your kitchen sink is a decision that’s going have a substantial impact for years to come. Something durable will be necessary for standing up to the daily use that a kitchen sink experiences. Stainless Steels sinks are the perfect choice.


Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless Steel sinks provide an excellent balance of style and durability at budget friendly prices. They have a versatile style that is perfect for any home décor – from traditional to modern. The neutral tone of silver looks great with any color scheme. Since these sinks are stain resistant clean up is a breeze, making it a sanitary solution for an area that will often encounter raw foods that have harmful bacteria. Stainless steel is also impervious to corrosion, heat damage, and chemical damage. Selecting the right gauge size for your stainless steel sink is important. The gauge of a stainless steel sink tells you how sturdy it is. If heavy pots and pans are frequently tossed into your sink then a lower gauge number is ideal for you. The lower the gauge – the stronger, meaning, a 16 gauge sink is going to be significantly thicker than 22 gauge, making it far less likely to dent and vibrate. Higher number gauges are also not ideal for high-quality, heavy faucets since their edges are quite thin. A heavier duty sink is also preferred for garbage disposals. Depth is another factor to consider. If you are short on countertop space, a deeper sink is a valuable addition to compensate a small area. A deeper sink will also reduce splashing. Stainless steel sinks tend to be deeper than other materials because of its light, yet strong properties.


Stainless Sink Styles

Stainless Steel Sinks come in a variety of different shapes and styles. Double bowl sinks have become increasing popular over the last decade. Having a partition that separates the sink is convenient for multi-tasking such as soaking pots and pans while washing dashes. These most commonly come in rectangle shapes, but curved D-Shaped sinks are available as well. Undermount sinks make clean up easier because they sit below the countertop and do not have a crevice for dirt to get trapped in. Although these are more expensive, the ease of clean up outweighs the cost to many homeowners. Farm sinks, also known as apron front sinks, usually have a deep single bowl. This style provides a traditional kitchen look, however, with stainless steel, it takes on a modern persona. Farm sinks do require a special cabinet to support its weight and unique shape.

Stainless Sink Maintenance

Although stainless steel sinks are stain resistant, they still will require some light maintenance. Dried mineral deposits from standing water or food scraps can have your sink looking scuffed up pretty quickly. Wiping your sink out frequently will avoid having a drab, filmy look. Avoid using steel wool, wire brushes, and sponge pads and opt for non-scratch cleaning pads. Do not store open containers, such as cleaners or other products that may contain chemicals like acids and bleach.

A Sink That Will Last

The kitchen sink is by far the most utilized appliance in any household. When shopping for a sink make sure to take into account its function and visual appeal. Selecting a stainless steel sink is a great option for a durable sink that will last years and never go out of style. For a truly great product, we recommend using DiMonte sinks, which are available at

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