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Partners (All Granite & Marble) is the largest fabricator of granite and marble countertops, vanity tops, hot tubs and fireplace surrounds, and other stone surfaces on the East Coast. We fabricate and install granite countertops in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. 
The TV Channel is your ultimate source of information and inspiration for the natural stone in your home. Watch. Learn. Imagine. Enjoy videos from our finished portfolio of stone porjects. Learn about our incredible stone materials. is the largest ACM panel supplier and fabricator on the East Coast. Utilizing cutting edge technology and our amazing selection of materials, our company is able to deliver unbeatable turnaround time while maintaining superior quality. 
The Inventive Builders Group is one of the top general construction companies in the Tri-State area, servicing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania for custom commercial and residential projects. Our mission is to provide our clients with a comprehensive and efficient construction process from start to finish. Unlike most general contractors, the Inventive Builders have a full staff of certified Architects, Engineers, Designers, Builders, and other specialists to ensure that your construction project is executed to perfection.
Utilizing the latest waterjet software and machinery, Aquacutters offers precision cutting services for interior and exterior architecture, custom car elements, aircraft parts, and many other projects. Aquacutters provides customized waterjet cutting solutions for any and all projects regardless of industry or utility. Stone, wood, plastic, acrylic and even titanium – by using water compressed up to 60,000 PSI we can cut any material.