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Kitchen Design and the Future!

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When choosing new granite or marble kitchen countertops, visiting the slab yard is a great way to see the quality and beauty of the materials. However, this is not the best way to determine if a stone will match your décor. Virtual Design planning tools are becoming popular and has Visualizer+ in 2D and 360° capabilities that allow you to design your own virtual rooms. And, an informative interior design site, has an innovative online virtual design tool, also with  2D and 360° capabilities that enables you to design rooms from the comfort of your home, including high quality images of granite and marble.
Both designing planning tools have virtual rooms for bathroom, living room, kitchen, lobby, and dining rooms. If you are planning to remodel the kitchen, select kitchen from the menu to see the rooms that are available for you to design. You can refine your results by selecting preferences for style, cabinet finish, countertop material, layout, and other options.
Since you can’t see new kitchen cabinets, flooring, and granite countertops in your room before you actually make a purchase, these Virtual Room planning tools provide the next best thing. You can design rooms with a number of different kitchen countertops, cabinets, flooring, backsplash options, and even wall and appliance colors. Start by choosing a room that is similar in size and shape to your own kitchen. The picture below is House Tipster’s Villa Virtual Room.
Using the drop down menu to the right of the screen, you can make selections for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, cabinets, handles, flooring, and much more. Pick the component you want to change, such as cabinets, floor, or countertops to see the design options that are available for that room.
The picture below shows the same room with changes to the kitchen cabinets, flooring, and granite countertops and backsplash. The new kitchen design features grey cabinets and ambrosia white granite for the counters and backsplash. Try out different looks for home improvement projects. Mix and match materials, finishes, textures, appliances, and accessories to help you make decisions for your project.
The rooms that have 360° capabilities can easy be maneuvered by clicking on the room with your mouse and moving the mouse around. This will give you a full look of the room and will almost make you feel as though you were really in the room itself.'s Visualizer+ has the same capabilities. 


How Virtual Rooms are Changing the Remodeling Process

This innovative technology allows you to try many different combinations, so change the stone color on the counters to see how various stone colors will look in your room. The large number of design combinations allows you to try design options, materials, and textures that you may have never considered using together. The virtual design tool encourages creativity and lets you create a space that will reflect your own personal style.
Virtual design tools offer many benefits for planning a remodeling project. Rather than running all over town to suppliers and stores, you can look at dozens of options for granite and marble slabs, flooring options from the comfort of your home and save time. You will have a better idea of how the components you choose will look together and in your room. This allows you to avoid learning that the cabinets or countertop you loved doesn’t quite match after it has been installed.

Caring for Granite and Marble Countertops

Once your new granite or marble countertop has been installed, Mr. Stone can help you maintain its beauty. In order to keep your counters clean and avoid damage, use a countertop cleaner that is specially formulated for use on granite and marble. AGM granite and marble countertop cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner that safely removes oil, grease, and other kitchen messes. This cleaner offers an added benefit with an ingredient that seals the countertop as it cleans. Just spray and wipe to keep your countertops looking great.
Do you have chips in your natural stone countertop? Despite the strength and durability of granite and other natural stone, your natural ston emight get chipped. Stone offers a granite and marble chip repair kit that enables you to fix chips in your marble, granite, or other natural stone countertop. The kit includes high viscosity cyanoacrylate, low viscosity cyanoacrylate, and the Quick-Tac Activator, all of which are combine to fill in your chip as discreetly as possible.
Whether you need a stone revitalizer, sealer, granite repair kit, or quality countertop cleaner, Mr. Stone carries top quality products to maintain the beauty of your natural stone countertops.

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